Toot Hill School became Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Schools Angling Champions at Aldercar Lane Fishery yesterday. In brilliant sunshine (a welcome change) the students competed for this prestigious award. Josh Derry (Toot Hill School) claimed the Individual Champion title for the second year in succession with a fabulous net of 114lbs in just 4 hours. A brilliant day working with the schools which we hope will grow in popularity over the coming years.

Peg              Name                           School                       Weight Kg
24F     Joshua Derry             Toot Hill School                    51.8
22F    Oliver Edginton          Swanwick Hall School ‘A’   11.18
7S       Joseph Firth                All Saints School                  11.000
20F    Harry Lockwood        Highfields School                   9.24
7F       Sam Derry                   Toot Hill School                     6.52
31S     Oliver Strutt                Toot Hill School                     5.500
14S     Ethan Cooney             Toot Hill School                     4.800
26F    Leo Verdi                     Belper School                         4.54
16S     Corey Bradbury         Swanwick Hall school ‘A’     4.500
18S     Kieran Bramley          Swanwick Hall school ‘A’    3.200
11F     Alex Gent                     Swanwick Hall School ‘B’    1.96
5F       Joshua Harrison       Swanwick Hall School ‘A’     1.82
21S     Tom Bentley               Swanwick Hall school ‘B’     1.800
23S    Jack Moore                  Belper School                         1.700
29S    John White                  Highfields School                  1.475
18F    Jack Pacey                    AVESC                                     1.46
9F      Adam Smith                 Belper School                        0.86
16F    Chloe- May Smith       Swanwick Hall School ‘B’   0.76
3F      Joshua White              Highfield School                   0.32
1S      Tyler Worton               Swanwick Hall School ‘A’    0.200
3S     Ellis Moakes                Belper School                          0.175
1F     Kyle Green                   AVESC

Team Results

School                          Points

Toot Hill School                        5

Swanwick Hall ‘A’                   10

Swanwick Hall ‘B’                    15

Belper School                           17

Highfields School                    19

Only 1 Angler      All Saints    19

Only 2 Anglers    AVESC       23