Jul 2019

Drama at Match 7

A wet but warm start to yesterday’s junior open on Folly Lake at Aldercar Lane Fishery with 18 juniors keen to compete. The sun did arrive before the end of the match as the tension grew in this seemingly close match. We were barely half way around the weigh in when we arrived at peg 4. Leo’s first net scaled 37lbs 12ozs but when his second net was lifted it was obvious that he had a full net. Was it below the net limit of 50lbs or nearer 60lbs? The scales would reveal all, tipping in excess of 60lbs meant that this net was disqualified. Devastating news for Leo who would have topped 103lbs for the match but his 37lbs 12ozs put him in the lead at this point. The question was ‘what had some of the favoured pegs on the opposite bank produced? Only time would tell. By the end of the weigh in Leo held onto the win with Chris ‘Superman’ Randall on peg 22 weighing in 32lbs 10ozs for 2nd place and Jake Ellis claimed 3rd spot with 30lbs 2ozs off peg 11 despite losing his top two plus one playing a carp. Fortunately a junior, Aidan at the other end of the lake feeder fishing retrieved his feeder with Jake’s pole section attached complete with carp. Aiden netted the carp but returned the pole sections to Jake. lucky lad!


Name                        Peg            Weight

Leo Verdi                   4           37lbs 12ozs
Chris Randall          22           32lbs 10ozs
Jake Ellis                  11           30lbs 2ozs
Will Evans               20           29lbs 0ozs
George Askari         28           24lbs 7ozs
Niall Slack                10           20lbs 2ozs
Jake Brandrick        15           17lbs 1ozs
Aidan Spencer         26          11lbs 11oz
Tom Clifton              12          10lbs 14ozs
Sam Webster            24           8lbs 8ozs
Ben Wilson               10            5lbs 10ozs
Tom Blanchard        18            5lbs 6ozs
Carl Watkinson        13            4lbs 11ozs
Harry Buxton             6            2lbs 6ozs
Shaun Brown             8               DNW
Josh Brandrick        16               DNW