Jul 2020

Kodak Results

Tough Day yesterday on the bottom lake at Kodak. With virtually all te pegs taken it was always going to be a tough match. Top Rod was Chris Randall with 8lbs 5ozs, second was Callum Cotton weighing 7lbs 15ozs and third place went to Josh Brandrick. The majority of the weights were silver fish with the top three each catching one small carp each.

Name Peg Weight
Chris Randall 3 8lbs 5ozs
Callum Cotton 4 7lbs 15ozs
Josh Brandrick 1 6lbs 12ozs
Jake Brandrick 10 4lbs 8ozs
Max Parson 13 2lbs 14ozs
Aidan Spencer 7 2lbs 0ozs
Sam Webster 14 1lbs 15ozs
Shaun Brown 9 1lbs 12ozs
Lucas Parsons 11 1lbs 7ozs
Harry Buxton 6 1lbs 1ozs
Tom Blanchard 2 0lbs 140zs
George Askari 8 0lbs 30zs
Elliott Brand 5 0lbs 1ozs